New Details on Spy Who Attempted to Set Conservative Pundit Up Emerge

Roger Stone wrote an exclusive article that appears in the Gateway Pundit describing his run-in with a Russian that the FBI used to try to entrap him. It didn’t work.

Both the FBI and the man known as Henry Greenberg denied that the meeting was an FBI sting operation, but Stone says that he discovered that Greenberg was in the United States on an informer’s visa by the Miami Bureau of the FBI, citing the “public interest”. Greenberg who admits working with the FBI as an informant for 17 years spent ten years in prison for a violent crime. and is associated with the Russian mob.

Greenberg was deported from the United States in 2000 but has been back 10 times all on informer’s visas. Stone met with Greenberg as a favor to Michael Caputo, a fellow campaign worker, and a friend. Later, Caputo was questioned about the meeting and says that the FBI knew more about it than he did. Since neither he nor Stone ever told anyone about the meeting, there was only one way they could have known. Greenberg.  If it looks like a setup, walks like a setup and talks like a setup, then it’s a setup.

From The Gateway Pundit

While it is noteworthy that I simply forgot this meeting it is also inconsequential- nothing changed hands.

The Washington Post confirmed my claim with “Greenberg” that I flatly rejected his demand for $2 million dollars for “unspecified information” damaging to Hillary Clinton. More importantly, I rejected the suggestion that I get Donald Trump to purchase this unspecified material which I now see as a clear attempt to entrap and compromise the president.

I can see how some people might think that a $2 million dollar demand is memorable, but in fact with Trump claiming he was planning on spending “what it takes” of his own money and due to his reputation as a multi-billionaire it’s not unusual; in the 39 years I’ve known Trump I have seen various business and political types seek his financial support, based on his reputation for wealth.

Greenberg offered Stone damaging information on Hillary for 2 million dollars but Stone refused and left.

Oh, FBI, you got some splainin’ to do.

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