MSNBC’s Donny Deutsch Melts Down as Trump Wins Border Wall Fight [VIDEO]

NeverTrumper, Donny Deutsch is melting down as he watches the Democrats lose the border wall government shut down battle. He can’t believe that two old pros like Pelosi and Schumer let themselves get owned by newcomer President Trump.

They are losing so badly that members of their caucuses are deserting them and publicly announcing that we need some kind of border barrier. And poor little Donny is not taking it well at all.

Little Donny said:

“I hope Chuck (Schumer) and Nancy (Pelosi), today, you’re figuring it out, ’cause he’s going to win this.”

“He’s winning here! You have to understand he’s going to open the government. He’s going to declare an emergency. He’s going to say, ‘The Democrats closed it.’ He’s going to put the Democrats into court.”

From The Conservative Tribune

Perhaps the best part of the above clip is the inevitability of it all. Deutsch almost seems resigned to the fact that Trump has been playing chess while Democratic leadership has been playing checkers, and he’s about to checkmate them.

Trump’s not just winning, he’s cornered the Democrats into winning for him.

“He will absolutely declare an emergency. He’s a reality show producer and he’s producing this. I couldn’t figure out why he went on the air the other night because I knew he wasn’t going to do it then,” Deutsch continued. “He’s like now he gets to say, ‘I went on the air. I asked the people. I went down to the border. I had these meetings.’”

Deutsch even went so far as to say that Trump had beaten the Democrats with political martial arts.

“It’s a judo move. He’s going to say, ‘I opened the government,’ which basically plays to every autocratic instinct he can. He loves a pardon and anything he can do with a pure executive order,” Deutsch added.