Mike Rowe’s Mom Tells How Mike “Came Out of the Closet”

Remember how you hated it when your mother would tell people embarrassing stories about it when you were young? Imagine her doing that on national television. Mike joined his mother as she was promoting her book about her relationship with her mother.

She revealed two things about his childhood that no one would have guessed. When he was a young boy, he was a neat freak. And when company came, he was so shy, he would hide under the kitchen table or in the closet. When the company left, he would “come out of the closet.”

From The Daily Caller

“You won’t believe it, but he was very shy,” she began. “He was — in fact, when somebody would come to the front door sometimes, he would just dive under the kitchen table or into the hall closet. And he was a neat freak. He didn’t want to get dirty.”

Carlson followed up, “So I was going to ask you what’s the most embarrassing thing, but I think you already told us. He dove into the hall closet. How did you get him out?”

“Well, when the people left, he came out,” Peggy Rowe answered. (RELATED: ‘Epidemic Of Fatherlessness’ – Mike Rowe Delivers Heartfelt Message About The Importance Of Dads)

“Great. Now the headline tomorrow, Mike Rowe’s mom explains how he came out of the closet. Thanks, Tucker. Awesome job,” Rowe chimed in.

They then proceeded to talk about Peggy Rowe’s new book, “About My Mother: True Stories of a Horse-Crazy Daughter and Her Baseball-Obsessed Mother: A Memoir,” which is about her relationship with her mother.

Oh, mom!