Michael Moore Warns Dems After Trump Rally That Trump Can Win Again

The Democrats have tried to convince Republicans that they were fed up with President Trump, but after the Trump reelection kicks off, it is apparent that Trump’s base hasn’t been diminished one bit.

Michael Moore says he watched the entire thing on television and he is now warning the Democrats that they could be in big trouble in 2020. Moore said that Trump is a genius. Actually what he said was that Trump was an evil genius.

Anytime a Democrat says someone is evil, I want to vote for them because they must be siding with the blue collar working man.

From The Daily Caller

During the last two years, Moore has been consistent in his attacks on Trump and has repeatedly told Democrats what needs to be done in order to beat him. Most notably, he “appeared on Morning Joe” and said if the Democrats try to run a politician against Trump they will loose the election.

“I think [Trump] is a tumor on our democracy,” Moore explained. “But the tumor shrank last night. He has ripped apart and has taken us to the precipice of whether or not we are going to have the country we thought we used to have or that we were going to have.”

“I come from one of those three states — Michigan — that put him over the top in the electoral college vote,” he added. “Last night, those three states — Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin … all went blue.”

Moore continued, “So, there is a lot of good news here. But he is a true danger … The man is a genius in this area. He’s an evil genius ….”