Michael Avenatti is Suing Tucker Carlson for Doing Nothing [VIDEO]

Tucker Carlson and his daughter were at the country club when a man sitting at the bar called his daughter a c*#t and a w*^#e. The man has since been banned from the club for life. He is now suing Tucker Carlson for assault and Avenatti released a video that shows Carlson did nothing.

This case will last about ten seconds in any court in America. When your best proof proves that the man you are suing did nothing, you can’t hoe for positive results. In my dream world, Tucker Carlson will sue Avenatti for all legal fees and his daughter sues”Juan” and Avenatti for assault and bringing a frivolous lawsuit.

From The Conservative Tribune

When confronted about the discrepancy between the first tweet and the video, Avenatti again attempts to blame Carlson for the alleged violence. He did so by citing his foul language.

He wrote, “You mean other than Tucker repeatedly cursing a guy out seated at the bar while a friend/associate of his makes a bee line for the guy, grabs him off his chair, and then threatens violence?” Cursing is not violence and Carlson is not the person allegedly touching the man at the bar.

In the video, someone can be heard saying “There’s no excuse for violence,” wrote Business Insider. That still does not explain how Carlson would be at fault.

Avenatti is is no fan of Carlson’s ever since he appeared on his show and got sliced and diced to pieces.