Liberals Bash Cher For Not Wanting More Illegals in Los Angeles

Yesterday, Cher said that Los Angeles doesn’t need any more illegals, while they can’t even take care of their homeless problem. Today, liberals are piling on her and demanding that LA can take on more illegals and to hell with the homeless American citizens.

This is what liberals do. Step out of line by one inch and they proceed to eat their own and never ever try to put American interests above the interests of illegal aliens. I guess this what they mean by diversity.

We have one political party, the Republicans who represent Americans and one party, Democrats who represent illegal aliens.

From The Daily Caller

While leftist pop singer Cher surprisingly reaped the praise of people like Sean Hannity and President Donald Trump for questioning Sunday why Los Angeles should take in more immigrants when the city isn’t “taking care of its own,” many on the left were not happy at all.

Conservatives of all stripes overwhelmed the Twitter responses to Cher’s original tweet, but liberals peeked in here and there to criticize the singer for everything from her own net worth to her supposed lack of understanding on the issue.