Keyboard Warrior Can’t Handle Confronting Crowder Face-To-Face

A transgender person had been sending threats to Steve Crowder. He let people know Crowder was in town and where he would be, but what he never counted on was for Crowder to show up at the juice bar where he worked.

Crowder confronted him and he tried to pretend he didn’t even know who Crowder was and then he whipped out copies of his threats. The kid tried to get Crowder to leave as did his manager, who ended up calling the police. No one was arrested but the one who made the threats got the worst of it.

Mess with the bull, ya get the horns!

From The Conservative Tribune

The unnamed transgender individual is apparently a juice barista in Austin, Texas — bastion of liberalism in the Lone Star State. The individual in question posted Crowder’s location when he was in town, threatening to slash Crowder’s tires to teach him about “never going out and making himself vulnerable again.”

The activist also bragged about vandalizing a Robert E. Lee statue on the campus of the University of Texas.

“I know a few people who really mean business around here,” the activist wrote. “I worked with some on the Robert E. Lee statue we had on campus. That was us. We’ve done some other things, and it’s been suggested we create a chapter.”

So, when Crowder came into the juice bar and confronted the barrista, you would think the immediate shock of recognition would be enough to provoke a reaction. Yet, the individual claimed not to even know who Crowder was. That’s when Crowder brought out a placard showing the threats that had been made online.

All Crowder wanted was the post taken down, something the barista refused to do while still denying having written the posts. And then chaos broke loose.

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