KEN STARR: Bill Barr Knows Something – What He Said Was a ‘Stay Tuned America’ Statement (Video)

Ken Starr said something that I said the moment AG Bill Barr said that he believes Trump was spied on. Barr did not just throw this out there randomly.

He knows for a fact that Trump was spied on but he didn’t want to show his cards until IG Michael Horowitz’s report comes out in May or June. There could also be references in Mueller’s report. Remember in Barr’s summary, he said that Mueller found that people tried to compromise the Trump campaign but that they failed.

The Democrats are in a panic because Trump has been cleared of collusion and now the investigations are going against them.

From The Gateway Pundit

On Thursday night former Special Counsel Ken Starr joined Laura Ingraham to discuss the latest comments by Attorney General Bill Barr that the Trump Campaign was spied on during the 2016 campaign.

Starr, who is no rabid Trump supporter, told Laura that America better stay tuned because Bill Barr knows something.

Ken Starr: Here is my take, Bill Barr knows something Laura. He knows something. He says, I have a concern and I believe I have a basis for that concern. Anyone who knows Bill Barr knows he doesn’t just say things. He thinks about them. He’s careful with what he says. And I think if Bill Barr says I think there is a basis for my concern, he doesn’t say what it is, that is a “stay tuned America.”

The Democrats are running scared because they know there was collusion between the media, the DNC, Hillary Clinton and the FBI and DOJ. If enough of the truth comes out before the 2020 election, and I believe it will, things won’t go well for the socialist party.