Kaepernick Snubs Hurricane Harvey Victims

With Texans still dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey and Irma well on her way to seemingly demolish Florida, Americans everywhere are donating their time and money to help people rebuild their lives.

J.J. Watt alone has helped by raising more than $30 million for the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

Unfortunately, the currently unemployed former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick has deemed the victims of these natural disasters unworthy of support and instead has donated over $100,000 to organizations in support of DACA, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.

That’s right! More insane is one of these groups is an organization that is sending “DREAMers” to protest in Washington D.C. in opposition of President Donald Trump. From what we can gather, at least $25,000 of this donation by Kaepernick is doing directly to “United We Dream” — which is the largest immigrant youth-led organization in our Nation.

All this protesting while ignoring the fact that President Trump is giving Congress 6 months to enact it as a law. He’s literally ending an illegal Executive Order and giving Congress their shot to put it into play the right way. Insane, isn’t it? Let’s ignore the fact that these folks have had YEARS to obtain legal status and haven’t but… I digress.

According to The Mid American:

Kaepernick Anti-American or Harmless SJW Idiot?

Today Colin Kaepernick is being lambasted on Twitter, and rightfully so.

He committed two sins in this country.

He didn’t stand for the National Anthem (a BIG No No with Patriotic Football Fans)
He created a shit storm controversy that will only distract the NFL and the 49ers.

Creating a story that distracts a football team from talking about football is the cardinal sin of the NFL Locker-room. Now, and for the next 7-10 days every other player on the SF 49ers (as well as players on other teams), will have to answer reporters asking about standing for the National Anthem. The 49ers players, coaches, PR team, and Ownership will face endless questions about the team’s values. Questions will pour in from fans, and media alike bombarding everyone in the organization about whether or not Colin, and by extension the SF 49ers support the Military and Veterans of this great nation that have fought, bled, and many times have died defending that flag and what it represents.

Now we live in America, a country built and maintained on the ideas of Liberty and Freedom. Meaning that Colin absolutely has the right to stand or not stand for the National Anthem. No one can honestly say he “can’t” do that. However when you’re an NFL QB making upwards of $20 Million a year to play a game or be in commercials is it really beneficial or smart for you to choose to voice your opinions in a way that is nearly universally offensive to an entire nation? Probably not. Was it worth it to him to cause such an immediately and overwhelming outrage that he won’t bare the repercussions of alone? I can’t say for sure, though I’m sure in the coming days his teammates, coaches, and the team’s front office will surely have opinions on Colin’s choice to choose the field as his soap box to express his opinions.

As mentioned, he has the right to not stand for our flag, but we have the right to speak out against his actions, and so far today millions have done just that. I’ve heard from people who are football fans and others who heard the story word of mouth and I’ve received nearly universal outrage that any American, but especially one who’s so blessed to be paid millions of dollars to play a game would virtue signal to such a small minority of people in America who believe our citizens are truly oppressed.

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