Judge Jeanine Pirro Claims Trump Was Framed

I don’t see how you could argue against either statement. Judge Jeanine appeared with business magnate John Catsimatidis’ radio show on WNYM-AM, on Sunday and that’s when she said that President was being framed.

She made the point that no one is really investigating corruption because all of the corruption was on the Democrat’s part. “Nobody is looking at the corruption. It’s all one-sided, the corruption on the part of the Democrats.” 

From The Conservative Tribune

“This president was framed,” Pirro said. “It’s that simple.”

And she wasn’t throwing that word around lightly, either.

“The crisscrossing and the incestuous nature of our government in an attempt to prevent the outsider president that we wanted from getting elected is frightening,” she said.

Pirro also reiterated the argument she’d made on her Fox News show Saturday that Attorney General Jeff Sessions has been gutless in his role as the nation’s top law enforcement agent.

“That guy (Jeff) Sessions, he has no prosecutorial balls. It’s as simple as that,” Pirro said.

“He’s hiding in the corner. I don’t know what he’s doing.”

This is what she said about AG Jeff Sessions just the day before:

“You’re certainly not entitled to the job. You groveled and begged for the job and out of loyalty (President Trump) gave it to you. You are so clueless. You don’t even know you are being used. You don’t even know you are nothing but a shill.”

“In fact, the only constituency that wants you is the deep state that needs someone to protect their flank from investigation.”

“We need an attorney general that can work with the president, that can lead the Department of Justice. This relationship is beyond repair, I think.”

Judge Jeanine is just saying out loud what many people are thinking. And she’s right. Sessions has to go. The moment he recused himself, he should have resigned. *If he can’t do the job, he shouldn’t have it.

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