Joy Reid Threatened With Lawsuit After Recent Tirade About Racism

A former safety from the NFL who was once a strong supporter of Barack Obama, but transitioned over to be an ardent supporter of Donald Trump has issued a threat to Joy-Ann Reid, a host for MSNBC, of a potential lawsuit in the wake of her public chastisement of him for taking a group of young black kids who were members of his after-school blub to stand with Florida GOP Governor Ron DeSantis for the singing of his Stop WOKE Act, which seeks to target the inculcation of Critical Race Theory in public schools.

This past Friday, Jack Brewer, formerly of Minnesota Viking’s fame, went with a group of kids from his Jack Brewer Foundation out to a signing event for DeSantis. At this event, the children were seen holding signs in opposition to Critical Race Theory.

Reid tagged a photo of three young black boys holding signs that sported CRT surrounded by a red circle and a line through it, saying about the image, “This mis-use of Black boys is tantamount to child abuse. I would really like to hear the back-story on who these kids were and how they wound up at a DeSantis event. Given how anti-Black DeSantis is, using Black children this way is extra sick.”

As reported by The Washington Examiner, Brewer responded by stating that either Reid needs to apologize or he would take steps to sue her for defamation. He claimed, “She has completely humiliated my kids and my program.”

“It’s just so hurtful, and she needs to be held accountable. She does it so often. And you know, her words and the way that she comes across to black America leaves a stain on all of us,” he stated. “I won’t put up with it when it comes to my kids.”

“I’m a vocal advocate against CRT — anything that teaches kids anti-Christ rhetoric and teaches kids to hate and to see each other based on the color of their skin,” continued the former NFL star. “I have students in my program who have gone to school and been told that they can’t accomplish something because of the color of [their] skin.”

Jane Halbritter, the aunt of two of the boys highlighted in the photo Reid used in her critique, stated that both of the kids, aged 9 and 14, were invited to be at the signing due to being participants in the American Heroes Program. She then hurled criticism at Reid, stating to the Examiner:

I mean, she’s painting these kids like they’re just little black boys that don’t know anything and could be exploited, like they don’t even have their own minds. …  And I don’t see her doing it with white kids. … She doesn’t know the love we have for these kids, and to assume that we would send them into a situation that they were not equipped to deal with or understood in an age-appropriate fashion, that’s just so monumentally insulting, but it also put them at risk because now they’re this poster child for this and kind of at the center of the storm. It’s terrible. It’s really a sad thing.

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