Joy Behar Goes Low in Newest Anti-Trump Rant

Joy Behar actually believes that Trump supporters think that he should act presidential. Is she some kind of moron?

Obama acted presidential and every two-bit dictator in the world spit in his face, the economy sagged and healthcare went to hell in a handbasket, while the country became overrun by criminals crossing the borders he ordered open. No, we want a fighter. One who is willing to take on our enemies and sometimes are friends abroad, when necessary.

And someone with enough guts to take on our enemies at home, the Democrats and the media.

From Breitbart News

Thursday on ABC’s “The View,” co-host Joy Behar said people still holding out hope that there will be a point President Donald Trump will become presidential are “delusional in my opinion.”

Behar said, “That’s interesting you bring that up because Romney was being interviewed yesterday by Jake Tapper and yesterday we took Romney on and said that he was groveling to him for a job even though he said bad things about him first. And so Jake Tapper said how are we going to believe you now? He said, well I was waiting for him to become presidential, just what you just said.”

She continued, “Well, he proved that he wasn’t presidential in that ‘Access Hollywood’ tape. He proved that he wasn’t presidential when he attacked John McCain. He proved he was unpresidential many, many times over. People who believe he’s going to become presidential are delusional in my opinion.”

To hell with being presidential. Trump gets results. We need a sign on all entrances of the White House that reads, “No snowflakes need apply.”

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