Joy Behar: Fox Is Sexual Harassment Central [Video]

The hosts were discussing the Al Franken allegations and the charges being put against him; a conversation that was largely dominated by Sara Haines and Joy Behar (big surprise).

Both those women expressed that they had less issue with the sexual allegations placed against the Democratic Senator than they do with Harvey Weinstein or Senate hopeful Roy Moore.

As reported by Daily Mail:

Meghan McCain then interjected that some Democrats were calling for Senator Franken to step down, which was a bit off topic.

She also pointed out that she does not only watch Fox News but had on CNN and MSNBC last night, which is how she knew this bit of information.

Behar cut McCain off soon after she started, however, saying: ‘Fox [News] is harassment central.’

Haines was leading the segment, and at one point said:  I think it’s dangerous to say all these cases are extreme. There’s an extreme case of Harvey Weinstein. When you talk about Kevin Spacey and Roy Moore when you get  into [children.]

‘On that part, we should all be speaking against it. I like at it as these are kids. These are kids that can’t give consent. This is awful.’

Behar then chimed in and said: ‘Neither Louis C.K. Or Al Franken, Senator Franken has denied it. They both said it’s true and they apologized. I believe C.K. Did also.’

She continued: ‘Whereas Moore and [President] Trump not only do they deny it they say these women are liars. There’s a difference in the way the two camps are dealing with it. Do you not agree?’


It was then that Behar fired off her Fox News insult, to which McCain replied:  ‘That’s so cheap. I’m trying to talk about the fact I’m watching other networks and people in your party are calling for the stepping down of Franken being a distraction.’

Behar looked over at mcCain and said: ‘What about it?’

That is when Goldberg tried to can ahold of the conversation but was stunned into silence, pausing before stating:  ‘I was going in a different direction. I was going to say –  shoot. I don’t know.’

McCain then explained her anger, saying: ‘I was responding to joy. I just don’t think saying Fox is – I know. I used to work there. We’re talking about the present.

She continued: ‘This is what’s exhausting about this conversation. I totally agree with you I think it is absolutely disgusting at this point we’re still having conversations about Roy Moore. We talked about it on the show. He should step down. There’s no way this man should be a senator to begin with.’