Johnson Got Signed Before Kaepernick And The Internet Went Nuts!

OK You all already know the deal with Colin Kaepernick and his #TakeAKnee protests crap… so I’ll skip to the good stuff.

Quarterback Josh Johnson got signed by The Houston Texans while Kaepernick remains unsigned… the snowflakes came out of their mom’s basement… sorta, to say something.

But according to NBC sports, The 49ers were probably going to cut Colin anyways… so…

As reported by Mike Florio for NBC Sports:

One of the popular narratives regarding Colin Kaepernick’s lingering unemployment is that he has only himself to blame after opting out of his 49ers contract. This flawed assumption overlooks the fact that the 49ers would have cut Kaepernick if he hadn’t opted out.

“HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT?!?!?” some of you have said in response. Here’s how. 49ers G.M. John Lynch said so on Wednesday, in a PFT Live interview to be aired later this week.

“Yes,” Lynch said regarding whether Kaepernick would have been cut if he hadn’t opted out, “and we had that conversation with him. So I don’t want to characterize it as he made a decision to leave here. We both sat down and under that current construct of his deal, it was a big number. [Coach] Kyle [Shanahan] had a vision for what he wanted to do, and one thing I think Kyle was very clear and I think Colin appreciated, is that Kyle has an idea of how he’d play with Colin Kaepernick.”

“But he preferred to run the exact offense that he ran in Atlanta last year that was record-breaking in this league. And if you change it for the quarterback, you change it for everybody on that offense.  So he had a great discussion that I think gave Colin clarity, so we moved on. Brian Hoyer was one of the guys we pursued.”

“Once we pursued him, we didn’t see Kaep as a backup that would really fit in that scheme and we communicated that to him. So I think we’ve been very up front with it. But I think that is a fair characterization.  Yes, he was not going to be here under the construct of his contract.  We gave him the option, ‘You can opt out, we can release you, whatever.’ And he chose to opt out, but that was just a formality.”

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