Jim Acosta Proves yet Again Why Donald Trump Is Right About CNN

Jim Acosta is the most dishonest person on TV. (I refuse to call him a journalist) He led a panel on CNN on how to punish soldiers who had the president sign MAGA hats for them.

But, in doing so, he didn’t mention the fact that Obama also signed campaign pictures for soldiers. I’m sure it slipped his mind, aren’t you? Acosta then led the group in discussing how to punish those who asked for autographs. That has hit some major blowback.

CNN nor Acosta seem to realize that people would get angry about them using our brave servicemen and women as a club against the president.

From Townhall

After slamming President Trump for failing to visit U.S. troops during Christmas time earlier this week and then having to completely backtrack when news broke he was in Iraq…visiting active-duty troops, the media is still finding ways to criticize.

But it turns out President Obama signed personal objects, like his photo while visiting U.S. troops during his tenure. First Lady Michelle Obama also provided her signature to those who asked.

And no, U.S. troops didn’t violate any rules by asking President Trump, or Obama, for a signature.


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