James Woods Proved in One Video Why You Can’t Always Trust A Woman[VIDEO]

No one denies that sexually assaulting or raping a woman isn’t a serious crime and that the perpetrators deserve everything that’s coming to them, but there has been a disturbing trend, especially on college campuses, where women accuse men of sexual crimes, knowing that they are false.

There are a wide range of reasons why false rape charges are filed. The media tries to say that by not believing the women automatically, you are hurting the #MeToo movement. I don’t believe that is true. I do believe that every time that a woman gets exposed as a false accuser, it hurts the #MeToo movement. It makes people less likely to believe the next woman.

From The Conservative Tribune

James Woods posted the following video, that shows you exactly why you can’t always believe women. The woman in the video claimed that a female police officer slammed her to the ground, grievously injuring her.

Another example:

More from the Tribune:

As a woman it’s pretty difficult to look at the #BelieveWomen movement and not want to lend a certain amount of support to it. But this movement, like so many others that are hijacked by the left, is really just another load of liberal garbage.

It has done little more than open the door for histrionics and manufactured abuse claims by (mainly) women who want to help further an agenda orchestrated for the purposes of upending a conservative culture.

And sometimes someone comes along who has an uncanny knack for pointing out the obvious with very little effort. That person in the instance of the #BelieveWomen movement is James Woods.