HILARIOUS New South Park Episode Stars Al Gore

The newest episode of South Park stars Al Gore, who demands that the kids apologize to him for being so mean to him. I wonder if Gore pointed out to the kids that temperatures went up in July, proving that global warming is real.

He pointed out that the matches they light their fats with releases sulfur into the air, not to mention the burning of methane buns a hole in the ozone layer. But they didn’t use my suggestions, so I guess I can kiss my writing job with them goodbye. So, I guess I am here at Steadfast and Loyal for the long run.

From The Daily Caller

The newest episode of “South Park,” set to be aired Wednesday night, will put Al Gore on blast, and I’m here for every second of it.

A short preview of “Time to get Cereal” was recently released on Twitter. There’s no doubt fans will love it.

Gore has a huge beard and appears to be a recluse in the preview as he demands an apology from the kids for being mean to him. Take a look below, and prepare to laugh.

How outstanding has this season been? We’re in Season 22 of the Comedy Central hit, and the show isn’t even slowing down a bit. They covered Halloween, Kavanaugh and so much more.

It takes a lot for a show to keep its momentum over the course of only a few years. “South Park” has done it since 1997! That’s the type of run that is so epic it’s almost hard to believe.

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