Geraldo Sets Sights On Omarosa – Calls Out One Of The Stories In Her Book

One of the stories in Omarosa’s book is that on a flight during Hurricane Maria, President Trump called Puerto Ricans some racial slurs. As luck would have it Geraldo Rivera was on that flight and he was interviewing the president and his wife.

Geraldo, who is half Puerto Rican says that Omarosa was not on that flight and the president did not use any slurs whatsoever. He is definitely hot under the collar. Geraldo said had their been racial slurs against his father’s country, he would have spoken up. By now, you have to wonder if anything in the book is the truth.

Personally, I think every word is a lie, including a” and “the”.

From The Conservative Tribune

Geraldo Rivera, the veteran broadcaster who is of Jewish and Puerto Rican heritage, has never made apologies for his liberal leanings. Yet he’s attacking Manigault Newman’s accusations that the president made derogatory statements about Puerto Ricans.

NBC News reported that Manigault Newman claimed in the book that she tried to get the White House to approve more aid for Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria ravaged the island in October 2017, but said she was shut down by White House Chief of Staff John Kelly. She also claimed both Kelly and the president used derogatory terms to refer to Puerto Ricans on several occasions.

“Manigault Newman did not say in her book specifically what those terms were and in an appearance Tuesday on MSNBC with Katy Tur, she repeatedly refused to answer questions about what the derogatory terms were,” NBC reported.

That was putting it mildly. Tur repeatedly tried to get Manigault Newman to describe the terms Trump allegedly used for Puerto Ricans, and her answers kept getting slippier.

It’s sad to say but Omarosa’s career is over. No one in their right mind would touch, being afraid that she would secretly record them. Plus, with every claim being debunked even by the who do not like the president. She will dig herself deeper as she tries to prop her lies. Hell, even her best friend called her a liar.

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