Former Classmates Call Out Actress Halle Berry Over Alleged Racism Claims

Oh boohoo… Famous, well known, and some pretty good gigs. She’s been an X-man and a Bond Girl among her many many roles… Whelp Halle Berry conducted an interview with People Magazine where she claims to have been the victim of systemic racism at her school during her teenage years.

“Because my mother was white and my father was black… we got called Oreos and names, and kids just didn’t understand, so we were different,” said Berry.

“We were the brunt of a lot of jokes. So, I think my need to please and my desire to achieve was because I was constantly trying to prove that I was as good as the other white students. I felt very ‘less than,’ and I thought, ‘If I can beat them at everything, then I can be as good as them,’” she continued.

Well this did not sit well with her former classmates who state that none of this was true and that she was, in fact, among the most popular people in their school. They spoke of this in a Facebook group created just for folks who grew up in her hometown of Bedford, Ohio.

Here are a few choice picks from that group…

“Class of ’86 here…..I didn’t know Halle personally so while I certainly can’t speak to her individual experience I can speak to how I looked at her and how all of my friends looked at her in high school,” posted one user named Rachel.

“My female friends (black and white) and I thought she was gorgeous and wanted to look like her while my male friends (black and white) had massive crushes on her and wanted to date her. Curious also that she left out the fact she was elected Prom Queen by the entire student body, black and white,” she continued.

“Bullsh*t, She was in my art class at Bedford HS, I talked to her everyday, she was a cheerleader too and treated like a queen!” recalled a former Bedford student named James. “I always had respect for her until now!”

“She could easily afford to give a lot, but she doesn’t. What has she done in the last thirty years to help Bedford cheerleaders? Any scholarships for local disadvantaged girls? Has she built a playground? A shelter? Put any Oakwood kids through college? Seriously? What has she done for the biracial kids walking the path that was so tough for her?” the user continued.

“I know her very well. This is another ‘Hollywood’ story that makes for a good interview,” explained yet another apparent Bedford graduate named Cindy. “She was NEVER picked on! She was popular and very outgoing.”

There is at least one person named Natalie who claims that Halle, was in fact, picked on.

“How about taking a look at the annual report. BHS was predominately white. Halle was picked on many times and a lot of the jealous girls picked on her. Go ask Yvonne Sims, she’s witness to some of it as were many of us.”

I don’t know about you all but I left high school behind me many many years ago. While I have no doubt it shaped some of who I am it’s not something I let define me. I’d bet many of you feel the same way. High school sucks for everyone but for all intense and purposes it seems as if Miss Berry was well liked and sought after.

It’s fairly typical this day and age for Liberals to play this victim card, especially during interviews. They see it as earning them points but many forget who their real audiences are. Look at actor Shia LaBeouf. He pissed off the Conservative crowd and his last movie at opening sold what? Like two tickets.

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