ESPN Officially and Finally Fires Jemele Hill

Jemele Hill, the virulent anti-Trumper was demoted a while back and removed from one of the most popular shows on ESPN. She did not learn her lesson and she continued her lies and finally, she left ESPN no choice but to fire her.

They negotiated a payoff and her last day will be Friday. I wonder if she will use that show to trash the president again.  After all, you can’t fire her again. She called President Trump a racist and a white supremacist on the air and from that moment on, her fate was sealed. It did drag on for a while but that was just a matter of when and not what.

From The New York Post

The marriage between ESPN and Hill — the controversial sports commentator who waded into politics and sparred with President Donald Trump — has long been stuck in irreconcilable differences. Since leaving “SportsCenter” earlier this year, she has barely worked, making a divorce the obvious conclusion.

A buyout of her reported $2.5 million per year contract has been completed and her last day will be Friday, according to sources.

On Saturday night, the author James Miller, who wrote a book about ESPN, first tweeted the news of the breakup, calling it “amicable.” The timing, on a Saturday evening, was fortunate for Hill and ESPN in an attempt to lessen the news coverage of what had been a huge national story, both in politics and in sports. There had been rumblings last week of buyout talks between the two sides.

ESPN has been plagued by people cutting their service to the sports channel over the politicization of their broadcasts by Stephen Smith and Hill. This move may hold some of their viewers but I doubt if many of the people who canceled will ever come back.

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