Waters Crew Threatened To Call The Law on Diamond and Silk [VIDEO]

Wasn’t it Maxine Waters who said you should harass government officials who don’t agree with you? Or maybe said you should harass government officials who don’t agree with her. It seems she can dish it out but she can’t take it.

First, she assaulted Laura Loomer when she tried to ask her questions and now her staff threatened Diamond and Silk with the police. Diamond and Silk (D&S) just released the second teaser for their film, “Dummycrats” and it was about their trip to Waters’ office. The ladies were curious about the fact that Waters’ district has been named the worst in America, while Waters lives in a 4.3 million dollar mansion…outside the district of course.

According to the American Mirror:

Maxine Waters can dish it out, but she can’t take it.

While filming “Dummycrats” last week, social media sensations Diamond and Silk visited Maxine Waters’ Los Angeles district to talk to locals about their representation in Congress.

They decided to drop in on Maxine Waters to have a little chat about what they learned.

In a new teaser released for the film, the pro-Trump duo is on the sidewalk outside the office.

“We are here, right in Los Angeles outside right in front of Maxine Waters’ office,” Diamond says in the clip.

After telling the audience about Waters’ lavish $4.3 million mansion outside the district, Diamond and Silk enter the office to get some answers.

Earlier this week, Big League Politics reporter Laura Loomer met (confronted?) the California Congresswoman in the hallway of a House office building on Monday, and Waters didn’t appreciate being asked a few questions.

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