Crowder Asked Amazon’s Alexa About Jesus… And It Wasn’t Good

Steven Crowder had a video go viral over the weekend which displayed just how far-left the Alexa device by Amazon is. It was pretty amazing to watch.

He had a lot of people claiming it was a hoax, that he planned it, that he found a voice to use similar to the Alexa voice; he denies all claims and released some raw footage of the “interview” with the device.

Among the questions that received a very far-left answer such as Alexa’s response to two genders, or even the prophet Muhammad… Crowder then asked it about Jesus Christ. If I have to explain who that is to you, you probably don’t need to be on this site, Lol.

Alexa simply answered, even when asked multiple times, “Jesus Christ is a fictional character”.

Yes… really. Check out the freaking video below!

Even if you don’t believe Jesus was the Christ there are so many better ways of handling the answer to such a question! Form it in the phrase of the belief of Christians, right? Don’t just flat out try and say he’s fictional.

As reported by James Barrett for The Daily Wire:

Crowder told the Daily Wire in a phone interview that he was genuinely surprised by the pushback on the video. Judging by the strong reaction, people appear to put a lot more trust in Alexa than they should.

“Here’s the thing, I didn’t plan this,” said Crowder. “I’d heard Alexa say some crazy stuff before, so we just asked her some questions and went with it.”

Among the various conspiracy theorists, he said, atheists appeared to be the most upset. “What’s so funny is the atheists are the ones who are the most angry about. I mean, she said ‘Jesus Christ is a fictional character,’ which is exactly what they believe, so you’d think they’d be happy about it,” he said.

“Whoever entertained these conspiracies owes an apology,” Crowder said in an email. “And hopefully will learn to trust Alexa a little less.”

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