WATCH: Conservative Reporter Files Assault Charges Against Maxine Waters

Reporter Laura Loomer confronted Maxine Waters at the Capitol asking her questions about her comments that conservatives should be harassed everywhere they go. Waters swatted her in the face a couple of times with papers she hand in her hand.

Crazy Aunt Maxie went on a tirade a day or two ago in which she incited people to chase conservatives out of restaurants and movie houses or just anywhere they are seen in public. Not only have Republicans condemned her remarks but such Democratic luminaries such as Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer have too. Rep Andy Biggs has written a bill to censure her. Judicial Watch has filed an ethics complaint against her, there is a White House petition calling for her ouster and now Laura Loomer has filed assault charges against her.

Laura Loomer says Maxine Waters assaulted her 3 times and it’s all caught on camera: “Today I filed a police report in Washington, D.C. to press charges against Congresswoman Maxine Waters for assaulting me,” Loomer said.

“When I confronted her regarding her call for targeted harassment of Trump administration officials, Ms. Waters assaulted me 3 times. She hit my hand to try to knock my phone out of my hand, and then she hit me in the face with her papers twice,” Loomer continued.

It remains to be seen if a judge or a jury will take the charges seriously but the bottom line is that Waters is now being subjected to the harassment she has wished on others. Her town hall in Gardena, California was invaded by Trump supporters who continually used bullhorns to harass her at the event.

Careful what you wish for because sometimes it’s a two-way street.

I’m actually rooting for Laura Loomer here. How about you, folks? Is this legit or could she be reaching?

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