Conservative Comedian Caught University Spokesman Giving Misinformation About Alleged Police Statement

The hilarious and infamous (in a totally nice way!) Steven Crowder and producer Jared Monroe decided to go inside an Antifa protest and film what happened… that video quickly went viral.

What they filmed shows criminal acts taking place by at least one participant, known only as Honey Bee.

As reported by Frank Camp for The Daily Wire:

Here’s what actually happened, according to Crowder: “There were several Antifa members, ok, who are on our video. One actually went through with an attack; her alias was Honey Bee. … You can see her being arrested. … We got footage of Honey Bee’s weapons before anything happened, and handed it over immediately to the police.”

According to Crowder, Honey Bee was arrested because she “used a Taser on another person at the rally,” and “she’s now facing felony charges for aggravated assault.”


Crowder, using a disguised voice, spoke with Chris Nelson on the phone, and got him to admit some pretty incredible things:

CROWDER: I know you mentioned that you spoke with the police department in a local article with Fox 13. Could you give me the name of the person there, the contact who said there was no credible threat?

NELSON: So, I was speaking on behalf of the police, I was speaking on behalf of the university’s police department. So, our chief, [name removed], is a chief of police.

CROWDER: So, [name removed] was the one who said there was no credible threat from the footage, correct?

NELSON: Correct, correct. Yeah.

CROWDER: The fact that this lady who was later arrested … was on video handing out weapons and had a taser, and she did use it for the assault later on, and was arrested — have you had any communication or reached out to anyone with the Federal Bureau of Investigation or anyone who might be involved with actually investigating Antifa? Has there been any reach out to them?

NELSON: I would definitely say our police department have been in contact with all sorts of police agencies, including federal law enforcement. I don’t think I’d be in a position to confirm anything more than that, but yes, I would say in advance of this, and even afterwards, I know the chief and his team have been reaching out to a variety of resources.

CROWDER: The reason I ask is because you spoke on behalf of the police, and everyone we know at the FBI, and none of them have spoken with you. And no one from the police said they gave you an official statement. So, I’m wondering, you gave a statement for the police, you haven’t spoken with anyone over there who would actually be involved with investigation. Chris, what’s the truth here, man?

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