Cohen’s Attorney Lanny Davis Admits He Erroneously Confirmed CNN Report About Trump

Lanny Davis has never been rock solid where his integrity is in play. There are a few things to know about Lanny Davis.

1 He defended Bill Clinton in his impeachment Trial

2 He has been a “fixer’ for both Bill and Hillary

3 He is registered as a foreign agent for a Ukrainian oligarch with close ties to Putin

4 He and Hillary screwed over Honduras. When asked who started the coup in Honduras, an unidentified intelligence agent says just to find out who is paying Lanny Davis.

5 he had his client, Cohen, plead guilty to offenses that weren’t illegal in the least to hit out at the president.

Now, he has admitted that he lied to the press and told them that Donald Trump knew about the Trump Tower meeting beforehand. Even though he had no such knowledge, he confirmed it, so that the press would slam President Trump and spur impeachment talk. Now, davis says his client has a lot of information that Robert Mueller wants.

From The Gateway Pundit

As usual, CNN was reporting fake news and curiously Lanny Davis himself confirmed to being one of the anonymous sources at the time it was published.

Lanny Davis confirmed to The New York Post that he was one of the anonymous sources and lied when he told them that CNN’s report was accurate.

Now Lanny Davis is walking back his claims and went on the record admitting he lied to the media.

Imagine our shock.

“Besides @jonathanvswan, are any other national news reporters (at NYT, WaPo, NBC, BuzzFeed, Politico, Daily Beast, CNN, etc) going to report on Lanny Davis’ Trump Tower walk-back? It was a *massive* allegation that spurred all sort of collusion talk. But it’s now been debunked.”

More from Ross: “The last time CNN screwed up this badly on a story (the Don Jr. Wikileaks story), @oliverdarcy wrote a corrective piece for CNN. On this one, there’s not a peep from the network.”

“Lanny Davis apologized to the @nypost for confirming a Trump Tower report that he did not know to be true. TLDR: He lied This further demonstrates the need for @CNN to correct their report and clarify how their sources fed them false information.”

From Daily Caller’s account: “Cohen’s attorney Lanny Davis admits that he erroneously confirmed a @CNN report about Trump’s knowledge of the 2016 Trump Tower meeting with Russians.”

I just don’t think we can trust someone who lies so easily as Davis does. Michael Cohen has a huge credibility problem, too. Mueller may decide not to use anything Davis gives him for fear that it could blow up on him during a trial.

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