CNN’s Impeachment Poll Bites Them in the Butt

CNN recently did a poll on voter’s opinion on the impeachment of Donald Trump and it didn’t go quite the way they thought it would go. They naturally expected the poll to be practically unanimous except for his immediate family and severely retarded mental patients.

But, this was not their first impeachment poll, so there is something to compare it to and in all categories, the numbers have dropped. Impeachment talk began before President Trump even took office.

They were shell-shocked on election night and they have never accepted it or recovered from the disappointment of no President Hillary.

From The Conservative Tribune

According to the poll released Friday, 50 percent of respondents don’t feel that Trump should be impeached, compared to 43 percent who still feel he should be impeached. In September, 47 percent of those polled felt that Trump should be impeached, so the recent polls represent a 4 percent dip in support for impeachment.

Interestingly, when broken down by demographic, CNN’s polls further destroy the network’s own impeachment narratives.

In September, political independents were split almost evenly in the polls, with 48 percent for impeachment and 47 percent against. However, that split has skewed heavily against impeachment, with the recent polls showing 36 percent favor impeachment and a whopping 55 percent are against it.

CNN also cites impeachment calls dying down among young adults as well as racial and ethnic minorities. Young adults, classified by CNN as younger than 45, went from 53 percent pro-impeachment to 45 percent.

And in a stunning rebuke of the leftist’s favorite narrative that Trump is racist, racial and ethnic minorities went from 66 percent favoring impeachment to 50 percent.

To be fair to the president, when CNN isn’t actually peddling fake news, the network is spinning actual news in any way possible to attack the president. Calling the relationship between Trump and CNN contentious would be a vast understatement.