CNN Guest: Amash Quit Republican Party Because He Couldn’t Win the Primary

CNN guest Scott Jennings argued Sunday that independent Michigan Rep. Justin Amash quit the Republican Party because it was politically expedient.

That is very true. An incumbent who polls below 50% is considered to be in trouble. Amash is polling at 17%. ‘Nuff said? He may try to run as an independent either for his seat, which would lead to a possible Democratic victory or he could run for president. If he runs for president, he would get humiliated.

CNN contributor, Mia Love said: “First of all, he’s not doing anything that he’s not done in the past, he likes being on his own. He loves being a person that will make a bold statement and be — and vote across — vote with Nancy Pelosi most of the time if he feels like that is — that is going to shake up the process.”

From The Daily Caller

Love wasn’t sure that Amash would be able to make much headway as a caucus of one, however, adding, “But where he’s actually leaving the party and thinks that he’s going to be able to change the process from being a one person in his own caucus speaking to himself, it is unrealistic to think you’ll change anything.”

Jennings, who previously worked as an advisor for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, had a different take.

“What a burden it must be to be the smartest person in a room full of 435 people,” Jennings cut in. “He went to the Freedom Caucus and tried to change things and nobody would listen and went to committee hearings and nobody would listen. I didn’t think it was possible for him to be more irrelevant in Congress but he found a way.”