Chuck Todd Compares Mueller’s Report to a Category 5 Hurricane

Somebody give Chuck Todd a little shake to wake him up because he must be dreaming. If Mueller had anything on the president, Andrew Weissmann would have leaked it by now. It’s been so bad, he’s had to leak stories that are less than true.

I’d compare those leaks to the Jussie Smollett hoax. Mueller’s report will have a lot of innuendo but will be scarce on solid facts. He has been able to indict people but not for obstruction of justice or collusion with the Russians. Instead of a category 5 hurricane it will be more like 3 seven year olds with water pistols.

Hollywood will cheer Todd’s words and once more they will be disappointed.

From The Daily Caller

MSNBC host Chuck Todd compared the special counsel’s incoming report to a category 5 hurricane during his show on Friday afternoon.

“They won’t say anything beyond next week, but that’s an important caveat. And, any minute now, the special counsel’s office will file a sentencing memorandum in the Paul Manafort case. It could be huge memorandum that could tell us even more of what Mueller is investigating,” Todd began. (RELATED: MSNBC Airs Pathetic Graph About Trump’s Tweeting Habits)

“All of this as everyone gears up for the big one: the Mueller report itself. Look, I’m from Florida and what we’ve got here is the Washington equivalent of what happens when a Category 5 hurricane is forecasted to make landfall,” he continued. “There’s the cone of projection, we’re all expecting this Mueller storm to hit the White House and Trump Tower. But the Mueller models are all over the map.”

Todd continued, “The Democratic models have a direct hit on the White House, in fact some legal experts are modeling a once in a century storm that makes land fall multiple times. The White House model has it staying at sea. And then there’s even one model from Trump loyalists like Jim Jordan that has it somehow totally making an unexpected turn over Hillary Clinton’s house. ”


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