Charlie Daniels: Us Hicks Have Learned to Read Between the Lines

Ol’ Charlie Daniels didn’t keep quiet when it came to the latest Debbie Wasserman Shultz scandal, this point focusing how it, overall, shows a consistent and misleading trend within the DNC on the whole. Simply put, they can’t be trusted.

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Since the Debbie Wasserman Shultz-Awan connection has come to light I have watched to see if it would be given a fair outing in the mainstream media, and so far, I have heard nary a mention.

Are the reported allegations that a United States Congresswoman and former head of the DNC continued to pay the salary of a Pakistani IT expert long after he had been denied access to congressional computers – in fact right up to the point when he was arrested by the FBI at an international airport trying to leave the country – of no interest to the mainstream media?

Is this situation not newsworthy?

Does the fact that Loretta Lynch, when she was Attorney General, met in private with the husband of a person her department had under investigation, and the fact that she told the director of the FBI, an employee under her supervision, to soften the rhetoric concerning the investigation of that same person not need to be proclaimed long and loud?

There is ample evidence, first hand evidence concerning the lax, incompetent handling of the debacle in Benghazi that resulted in the deaths of four Americans. Now, if I can find this out, can somebody tell me how all the hotshot “investigative reporters” continue to miss it?

One of the most horrendous torture, rape and murders of a couple took place in Knoxville, Tennessee a few years ago. I live in Tennessee and learned about the incident on the internet. A murder of nightmarish proportions, at least as bad as anything the Manson gang did to their victims, a case that should have attracted all the networks and major newspapers, and it barely received any attention outside of the local media.

It was a black on white crime and didn’t fit the narrative, I guess.

While most of the media in America are straining every nerve to glean the slightest Russia-Trump connection, there exists in their archives video with sound of Barack Obama sending a politically loaded message to Vladimir Putin, asking for favorable treatment until after his election when he would have more flexibly.

Is this not a promise of quid pro quo?

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