Candace Owens Slaps Down Joe Biden on His False Racism Claims

There is one simple rule when you are dealing with Candace Owens…Don’t piss her off. Joe Biden would do well to remember that because she will call him out on his hypocrisy.

Biden made the false claim that Trump’s praise of white supremacists in Charlottesville is what made him decide to run. That was a total lie, because President Trump specifically condemned the Nazis and White Supremacists. What he did say was there were bad people on both sides but that there were some fine people too.

The story the media cooked up was to lie, lie and then lie some more about what Trump said.

From Kag Daily

Enter Candace Owens to remind people who Biden is. From The Daily Caller: Owens suggested Biden used a false narrative of the attacks as motivation to run for office.

“Joe mentioned the Charlottesville attacks again, the one where our president clearly and specifically condemned both Nazis and white supremacists, words which the media carefully edited out, but Joe says that that’s the moment, Charlottesville, that’s the moment that he realized that he had to step up and save the nation,” she said.

Owens said that Biden inferred President Donald Trump’s supporters are racist and is deflecting attention away from his own track history related to race.

Biden supported segregation in the 1970s, according to Owens, and advocated for the 1994 crime bill, which Owens claims led to the mass incarceration of black men.

Biden has publicly claimed that deceased Democratic West Virginia Sen. Robert Byrd was a mentor and friend, she said. Byrd was a member of the Ku Klux Klan.

“And now he wants us to believe that he is a champion against racism,” Owens concluded. “I’m going to have to pass on this one, creepy Joe.”

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