Bette Midler Goes On INSANE Rant About Donald Trump on Twitter

Bette Midler may be a great singer but there seems to be a disconnect between her brain and her mouth. On top of that, she is suffering from Trump derangement syndrome.

After former Trump lawyer, Michael Cohen, plea bargained with Mueller she seemed to think it will lead to Russian collusion. In the first place, Cohen is not exactly what you call a credible witness and some of the things he has already said have been totally debunked.

And because of this, Midler wants President Trump and his whole family to be hanged high and for good. Dream on, Bette.

From Breitbart News

“Trump Trump Trump Bob Mueller’s marching, Trump Trump Trump And here is why Trump Trump Trump He’s gonna hang you Hang the fam’ly GOOD AND HIGH!” Bette Midler said.

Her post was in response to a video of Donald Trump Jr. discussing alleged business in Russia in 2011, years before his father announced his presidential run.

Bette Midler often sends hateful and unhinged political messages on her social media. She recently attacked First Lady Melania Trump, using a revealing photo from her days as a model to label her “FLOTITS.”

The 72-year-old star has also referred to President Trump as a murderer, saying “the world is coming under siege from murderers, plunderers like him.”

The Hocus Pocus actress also found herself in some hot water in October for tweeting that women were the “N-world of the world.”


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