BET Founder Says Democrats Have Moved Too Far to the Left

Robert Johnson, the founder of Black Entertainment Television and the first black American billionaire and Democratic donor says that the Democratic party has moved too fat to the left and even offered praise for President Trump’s handling of the economy.

For a businessman such as himself, the Democrats running in 2020 could be a disaster for him. Just think about the wealth tax of Lizzie Warren. Johnson is worth 1.3 billion dollars. So, his tax amount would be $65 million just for the first year. That’s money he has already paid taxes on.

The following year it could be just as much.

From The Blaze

“The party in my opinion, for me personally, has moved too far to the left,” Johnson said. “And for that reason, I don’t have a particular candidate (I’m supporting) in the party at this time,” he said. “I think at the end of the day, if a Democrat is going to beat Trump, then that person, he or she, will have to move to the center and you can’t wait too long to do that.”

Johnson conceded that President Trump has the economy working well so far, saying Trump deserves an “A+” on that front.

“I think the economy is doing great, and it’s reaching populations that heretofore had very bad problems in terms of jobs and employments and the opportunities that come with employment … so African-American unemployment is at its lowest level, ” Johnson said.

“I give the president a lot of credit for moving the economy in a positive direction that’s benefiting a large amount of Americans,” he said. “I think the tax cuts clearly helped stimulate the economy. I think business people have more confidence in the way the economy is going.”