Baio Has A BIG Suggestion for Antifa [VIDEO]

Scott Baio appeared on Fox News and has clearly had enough of this political correctness crap and is seeing that it leads to violence. With students at University of Southern California criticizing it’s school mascot a “Trojan horse” named Traveler, being compared to Confederate general Robert E. Lee’s horse named “Traveller” without really seeing that the rider of the mascot is Hispanic…. he lays it on the line.

“The country didn’t begin the day you were born,” Baio reminded on “Watter’s World.” “Don’t try to erase the wonder that that country is. And we’re not perfect.”

While it was brewing for a while, racial tensions across the country erupted during and after the Charlottesville incident which turned very violent and leaving 1 person dead.

“Do we get rid of the William Jefferson Clinton presidential library simply because President Clinton’s wife Hillary lavished praise> on former KKK member Robert Byrd?” Baio asked.

“I’m for letting you live your life … I just try to live my life the best that I can,” Baio said. “You have your views? Love it. I want to hear about it … As soon as you get violent I’m out. I don’t care what side you’re on.”

Geez Baio… try not making so much sense. Don’t you know the alt-left sees beyond logic, reason, science, facts, and only focuses on feelings? And even then they’ve time and again demonstrated a lack of empathy for their fellow American Citizens.

These alt-left kids will continue to overlook anything and everything that does not NEATLY fit into their already predetermined agenda. And now with them becoming more and more militant how will you answer the call? Are you prepared? Or do you think it’s going about as far as it will go? Don’t be surprised when you start seeing reports of actual, literal, coups being attempted against President Donald Trump and his administration. These people aren’t seeing straight.