April Ryan Rips Bitter Omarosa for Revenge on Aretha Franklin

The president can concentrate on Michael Cohen because April Ryan is doing ok with Omarosa. Ryan nailed Omarosa, who used her name to prove that Trump used the “N” word, which Ryan said was a lie and told Omarosa to quit using her name.

Now, she says that Omarosa intentionally hit the news cycle when she did to overshadow Aretha Franklin’s impending death. Ryan says Omarosa was mad because Franklin did not want her at her last birthday party. That does sound like the Omarosa we came to know and hate from the Apprentice and her 1 year (Too long) in the White House.

From The Daily Caller

Ryan told The Hollywood Reporter that Manigault Newman intentionally took up the news cycle while Franklin was dying, pushing claims that there was a tape somewhere of President Donald Trump using “the N-word,” because Franklin had objected to Manigault Newman attending a birthday party years ago.The CNN contributor had a few more harsh words for her former friend, saying that Manigault Newman had burned a number of bridges inside the White House and out.

“People still don’t like her,” Ryan said, “but they’re willing to sit back and eat the popcorn and watch them shoot at each other, Donald Trump and Omarosa shoot at each other … We don’t want to see her called a ‘dog’ by the president, but we don’t trust her. She has done a lot of dirt, and people don’t forget …”

Omarosa is quickly becoming a woman without a party because neither side trusts her. That’s saying a lot because the left will usually take anything negative about Trump from anybody. There are just too many people from both sides of the aisles who deny what Omarosa has written.

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