Another Hollywood Liberal Fails To Understand The Constitution [Video]

And of freaking course it was during an interview on The View.

Julianne Moore, who was at one time on As the World Turns (lol), among other “classic” television and film productions, went headstrong during her appearance on the view, spewing some dribble about something she clearly doesn’t understand.

And it all started with a mention of gun safety which she seems to easily confuse with gun control.

“You know, people like to talk about it as if it’s a Second Amendment issue,” said Moore, an advocate for “gun safety” activist group Everytown. “It’s a safety issue.”

“A gun is a machine,” she continued. “You know, when cars were introduced we had any number of fatalities because we didn’t have safety regulations. So, we didn’t have seatbelts and speed limits and airbags; we’re asking for those same kinds of things with gun-registration, licensing, background checks … limitations on the number of firearms you can own.”

To highlight… it really shows how out of touch Hollywood is with the rest of us. They can’t even formulate a plausible thought for honest gun safety without confusing it with gun control.

Even according to Breitbart:

The third problem with Moore’s statement is that nearly every gun control she mentioned is already in effect in California and the result has simply been more and more gun control coupled with high profile shootings that seize the public’s attention time and again. For example, California adopted universal background checks in the early 1990s.

Thereafter they added a waiting period for gun purchases, a requirement for all guns to be registered with the state government, firearm confiscation laws, and a requirement that would-be gun purchasers obtain a certificate from the state that allows them to buy a gun.

None of these laws prevented the shooting in downtown Fresno (April 18, 2017), the ambush killing of two Palm Springs police officers (October 8, 2016), the murder-suicide on UCLA’s gun-free campus (June 1, 2016), or the San Bernardino attack (December 2, 2015), among many other firearm-related incidents.


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