Another Day, Another Stupid Tweet from David Hogg

David Hogg is at it again. This time the subject that he humiliates himself about is illegal aliens. When you pay attention to what he tweets, you realize why he could not get into a good college.

The students would have welcomed him. He would have done wonders for the grading curve. Someone really needs to tell him his 15 minutes of fame expired a while back.

The remark about collusion I guess he is aiming at President Trump, but there is no proof that he colluded with anyone. However, it does fit with Hillary and there is tons of proof to that. She colluded with Great Britain, Russia, Ukraine, Australia and who knows, who else. So I imagine he is calling Hillary illegal. And I can’t understand his equating guns with aliens. Inside his head must be the scariest place on Earth. Especially when you consider that gun violence is down while gun ownership keeps breaking records, except for cities that have passed new gun laws, like Chicago.