Andy Ngo’s Lawyer Posts Blistering Threat Against Antifa

Harmeet K. Dhillon, the lawyer representing journalist Andy Ngo, had some stern words for the Antifa cowards that assaulted her client. Harmeet K. Dhillon is one tough lady and I wouldn’t ever want to be the one she targets.

She is the lawyer for the Google employees suing Google. To hear her tell it, she plans to file so many lawsuits against Antifa that their grandchildren will need lawyers. She is livid about the beating that her client took and she’s mad at the police and the mayor who ordered them to stand down.

From The Blaze

In a blistering Monday tweet, the lawyer warned Antifa members of imminent legal actions.

“Goodnight everyone except Antifa criminals who I plan to sue into oblivion and then sow salt into their yoga studios and avocado toast stands until nothing grows there,” Dhillon wrote, “not even the glimmer of a violent criminal conspiracy aided by the effete impotence of a cowed city government.”


Upon release, Dhillon wrote, “He’ll have more to say in coming days about what happened to him & others yesterday in Portland. He is very thankful for the overwhelming support from decent people especially @michellemalkin & donors.”