Ana Navarro Goes So Far Off the Rails Even Liberals are Trolling Her

If impersonating a conservative was a crime Ana Navarro would be serving a life sentence. She takes offense if she someone calls her a liberal just because she always takes the liberal position on every issue.

Imagine that. I hear she was in the ghetto once, by accident of course, and she saw a bag lady waddling down the street and she said, “If not for the grace of CNN, there go I.”  I mean face it, she’ll never get by on her looks and her brains, so she is forced to rely on the ridiculous and the shamelessness.

From The Conservative Tribune

Now that the hope has been destroyed that special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation of “collusion” between President Donald Trump’s 2016 and the Russian government have all but vanished, Trump opponents are turning to vintage tropes to attack the president, even if it requires making up lies about what Trump has actually said.

That was the route taken by CNN pet Republican (and virulent anti-Trumper) Ana Navarro in a Twitter post this weekend, but she went too far even for some in the anti-Trump crowd.

Navarro’s Twitter post was published Saturday, with a picture of a Nicaraguan boy being comforted at the Mexico-American border by Univision journalist Tifani Roberts. In it, Navarro reprised the left’s calumny that Trump had called all illegal immigrants “animals.”

President Trump called MS-13 animals. Apparently, Navarro believes that all immigrants are MS-13 members. That makes her a racist doesn’t it?