After Five Months in Office AOC Demands a Raise

After five months of being nothing more than a gaffe machine, AOC wants a $4,500 dollar raise. She wants a cost of living raise because she has toiled for so long.

Another case where the elite feel entitled. People on Social Security suffered under Barack Obama because they claimed inflation was zero but rents, the cost of medicine and food all increased, while their checks did not. The really funny thing is that after foregoing raises for years, it’s the Trump economy that makes them think a raise is in order.

And perhaps that’s right, but AOC has no room to complain. She knew what the job paid. Maybe members who have been around those ten years have beef but not a newbie.

From Breitbart News

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) is unsettled by the House Democrats’ decision to hold off pursuing a bill that would have provided members of Congress with a pay raise, tweeting Tuesday a lack of action will result in more corruption in Congress.

The cap on congressional salaries has been frozen for the last decade. Given the positive state of the Trump economy, House Democrats were considering unfreezing the cap on congressional salaries and resuming the previously automatic cost-of-living increases as part of a broader $1 trillion spending bill.

The move would have provided members of Congress with a $4,500 raise next year.

However, Democrat leadership decided to scrap consideration of the bill after rising concerns from other Democrats– particularly from freshmen Democrats in swing districts. Voting themselves a pay raise during an election year would look wildly out-of-touch, some political analysts warned.