8 Year Old Mini AOC Closes Social Media Accounts After Leftist Death Threats

Eight-year-old Mini AOC, aka Ava Martinez, was forced to delete all of her social media accounts after big brave leftist scums send her death threats. You have to be a really big man to threaten an eight-year-old girl.

It’s funny how liberals always claim that conservatives are violent, but it’s always the left that actually commits it. I don’t blame her step father for deleting the accounts. Leftists are sickos and one may decide to go through with the threats. But it is such a shame because I loved her videos. This is just one more bit of proof that the left wants to eliminate free speech.

From The Gateway Pundit

Ava Martinez, the 8-year-old girl who perfectly impersonated Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, was forced to delete all of her social media accounts after she and her family were harassed by liberals.

“We had to delete our accounts because the threats, harassment, negativity and hate directed at Ava and our family grew too much to bear,” Schachter told The Gateway Pundit. “The calls, texts, posts and emails from angry, hate-filled people were quite frankly, disturbing.”

“We started Mini AOC because Ava is a natural performer who loves to entertain and she enjoyed the praise she was getting for her sense of humor and charming personality,” he said. “It’s with some sadness that she will not get to share her talent with the many people who enjoyed her videos because of others who use violence as a means to an end. I do find it odd that people feel the need to protect a congressperson with such hate and disgust.”

Twitter exploded on Wednesday morning as rumors flew that someone had hacked the MiniAOC account or that Twitter had suspended it.

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