20 Year Old SNL Characters Getting BLASTED By Liberals

Shadi Petosky, Laverne Cox, and Jill Soloway, creator of Amazon’s hit dramedy Transparent were featured during a Television Critics Association press tour. Transparent is about a 70-year-old father coming out as transgender to his children.

During the panel someone asked what character, good or bad, impacted their lives, to which show create Soloway answered Saturday Night Live’s character “Pat”.

The idea of pointing at a person and laughing because they were nonbinary? We didn’t realize it at the time, but in looking back — what an awful piece of anti-trans propaganda that was handed out for years.

So the whole point of “Pat” was merely that no one could figure out what sex the character was… it had nothing to do with being “nonbinary” — that wasn’t even a term associated with the LGBTQ communicate 20+ years ago.

But this really should come as no shock. If Liberals had it their way, Christian’s would be paying reparations for the freaking Crusades!

I thought Pat was funny… I’m having a hard time finding any clips but here’s the trailer for THE MOVIE!


As reported by The Daily Wire:

Instead of focusing on a character that’s affected her in a positive way, however, Soloway veered directly to the negative. Rather than celebrate, she castigated.

This is the progressive modus operandi, to always remind their tiered victim groups that they are the “oppressed,” that they are the “other.” This keeps people in a social cage from which they cannot escape.

The only hope these individuals have are promises from the outside that one day they will be set free – but that freedom never comes. This is by design. Continuously reminding minority groups of their alleged subjugation keeps them tied down and operating in the manner in which you want them to.

Soloway may be entirely unaware of what she’s doing, but it’s a play directly out of the Democratic voter handbook.


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