13 Seinfeld Jokes that Political Correctness No Longer Allows

It’s getting so ridiculous anymore. People spend their entire day, looking for something to get offended by. Peanut butter and jelly and even milk is offensive or racist or both.

Seinfeld was a great comedy show and one of only three shows to end while it was still number 1. I Love Lucy” and the “Andy Griffith Show” are the others. It hasn’t even been on for many years, but I guess people were running low on things to get offended by, so they started going back and checking on defunct shows.

They found 13 jokes to be offended by.

From The Conservative Tribune

From the get-go, Bustle attacked one of Seinfeld’s most well-known jokes, the “Soup Nazi” bit.

The “Soup Nazi” serves great soup, but he’s very particular about how he expects his patrons to act in his presence.

Of course, the cranky character George Costanza couldn’t help but complain about not receiving free bread, to which the “Soup Nazi” replied, “No soup for you!”

However, according to Florio’s revisionist take, viewers aren’t supposed to laugh at this joke anymore because of the left’s constant fear-mongering about Nazis.

The author claims that using the term “Nazi” as a joke “doesn’t sit so well anymore” because “groups of Neo-Nazis have become noticeably emboldened.”

We are also supposed to be offended by another “Seinfeld” episode in which Jerry and George are mistaken for a gay couple.

The show was also slammed for an episode in which Seinfeld’s friend Cosmo Kramer — universally known as “Kramer” — has guests from Japan sleep in his dresser drawers.

The joke is that some hotels in Japan’s biggest cities provide extremely small pods for guests to sleep in.

As a Forbes report shows, It’s a real phenomenon, and it actually seems to be growing in popularity throughout Japan, but it’s somehow offensive to reference it.

“That just wouldn’t fly now,” Florior wrote, without bothering to explain.

Florio also didn’t like a memorable Seinfeld question when he said he liked Chinese women. “If I like their race, how can that be racist?”

Other jokes on the list include the time Jerry accidentally got a man deported and some of the awkward relationship woes of George.

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