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Walt Heyer has undergone some criticism as of late for “bashing” transgender surgery and many people online are calling him out for it… but they fail to realize that Heyer as LIVED IT! Heyer did the entire treatment; hormones, having his male member removed, the whole works and now the Post-op survivor has declared that …

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Bryan Zollinger, a state lawmaker in Idaho, is going on the offensive when he claimed that former President Barack Obama might have helped staged the entire Charlottesville, Virginia incident. He shared an article which suggests the “United the Right” rally itself was created by Obama and other top Democrats including Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, Charlottesville Mayor Michael Signer …

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An ESPN reporter, Robert Lee, was pulled as an announcer based on his name… oh and he’s Asian. Lee was to call the University of Virginia football game Tuesday of this week when ESPN officials made the announcement. And we’re not even kidding… they pulled him because of HIS FREAKING NAME!! “We collectively made the decision …

Now they just need to see the alt-Left for what it is and perhaps deal our justice to all.

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More than just Russia was after that basement server information.

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