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Rep Louie Gohmert Writes 48 Page Report on Robert Mueller And WOW!

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There cannot be obstruction without an underlying crime!

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The  East Brunswick Board of Education in NJ voted unanimously to put armed guards in all 11 of their schools. They point out that it is not a reaction to the shooting in Parkland, Florida and that they already had a written bill before that shooting took place. That’s correct but you can file that under …

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Donald Trump has been tougher on Russia than Obama ever thought of being. That’s puzzling because according to Democrats, he’s being blackmailed over golden showers in a seedy Russian hotel. The Democrats are out there every day claiming that the president is being too soft on Russia. Yeah, remember that time Trump told Russia he …

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When things seem complex, it’s nice to have a Mike Rowe around.

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Well this is a bit surprising…

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