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Rep Louie Gohmert Writes 48 Page Report on Robert Mueller And WOW!

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We need more action and less talk from Congress. They have the tools but they must use them to be effective.

It’s extremely rare that a member of the House gets in the face of another member on the House floor but it’s unprecedented when they do it to a Speaker of their own party, but that’s exactly what Mark Meadows did on Wednesday. Paul Ryan is trying to make America a country without borders and …

Once again it was up to President Trump to fix the issue himself

North Carolina Rep. Mark Meadows dropped two major bombs during the questioning of DOJ IG Michael Horowitz on Tuesday. Rep Meadows told Horowitz that there is growing evidence that FBI 302 forms (That’s the form agents use to summarize what happened during an interrigation, including their thoughts as well as the answers from those being …

As you all know, Laura Bush is the latest in the now disgraced dynasty to take a whack at President Trump. This time over his enforcement of border control laws. sarah Sanders, one of my favorite Trump appointees decided that Bush had gone too far and she gave her a royal slap across the bow. …

No conservative cried when he announced his retirement.