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Rep Louie Gohmert Writes 48 Page Report on Robert Mueller And WOW!

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They do nothing for us other than to spend our tax dollars. We can live without them.

Many pundits and Media talking heads say that President Trump will find it next to impossible to get his nominee for the Supreme Court confirmed in the Senate. The Republicans hold a 51-49 advantage and of course in the event of a tie, Mike Pence would be standing by. But John McCain is unable to …

It’s also cute that he thinks he has a shred of credibility left.

The longer they withhold the information, the more they have to hide.

Be careful what you wish for Maxine. You might just get it.

Devin Nunes is giving Christopher Wray and Rod Rosenstein until 5 PM on Monday to supply his committee with the starting date when the spying began against President Trump. The official date of the investigation is July 31st but there is ample evidence that spying began before that date. Rep Nunes wants the exact date …