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Not sure if we should fist pump or be angry at this new Amazon trickery.

Feminist Activists are about to ruin your holiday cheer

Actions DO have consequences, Hillary!

elizabeth warren screenshot from youtube

We wouldn’t have expected anything less…

Noah Rothman of the “Commentary” magazine has pointed his finger squarely at former President Barack Obama for leaving the Democratic Party in shambles after he’s second term ended. He suggested that the primary reason he’s re-entering the public eye is to help rebuild it… sorry, bub, but the DNC dug it’s own hole just fine …

Liberals love painting with that broad brush, don’t they?

This has to be more than college-level brainwashing for some of these Antifa folks… this is probably crap they learned from their parents. To see injustice where none exists. It’s really insane. No freaking respect for anyone, even our military.  These are the sort of people I’m talking about when I say something like “if …