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No one denies that sexually assaulting or raping a woman isn’t a serious crime and that the perpetrators deserve everything that’s coming to them, but there has been a disturbing trend, especially on college campuses, where women accuse men of sexual crimes, knowing that they are false. There are a wide range of reasons why …

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Kanye West has come under fir for his recent visit to the White House. He has been accused of being mentally ill, an Uncle Tom and worse. Kanye attributes these attacks as an attempt at mind control. While at the White House, Kanye attacked the media and the social networks as trying to control people’s …

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Chuck Wendig told his followers that he was fired Friday from Marvel Entertainment for being uncivil on his social media. He is very anti-Trump and his language is vulgar, with one tweet containing 8 “F” words in it. He is also a writer for Star Wars and the Marvel Star Wars comics. Or was anyway. …

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With people like Milano on their side, I don’t see much hope for the left.

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There is much more to her history, but you’ll get the idea…

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Defense attorneys also use body language experts while taking depositions, to help then decide which areas to key on.

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