What Does Maxine Waters Have To Do To Finally Get The Boot?

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Rep Louie Gohmert Writes 48 Page Report on Robert Mueller And WOW!

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That’s what they excelled at, after all…

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I could be wrong but get the wrong cop or judge and you can lose a constitutional right.

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President Trump has been putting pressure on Mexico by threatening to kill NAFTA…

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A NY pension boss who invests money for the pension funds of NY cops and firemen is calling for Zuckerberg to step down and be replaced by an independent chairman. One with more experience and much more ethics. The privacy scandal hit right about the time that viewership has been crashing and no wonder. Since …

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When you want in the spotlight you have to expect any sort of criticism from any angle, at all time.

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The left was gloating and remarking that Fox wouldn’t dare bring her back…

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