Yale Professor Calls Out Student Who Made False Statement About Brett Kavanaugh

Amy Chua was alleged to have told her students that it is no accident that Brett Kavanaugh’s female law clerks all look like models and advised them on how to dress in order to win an internship. The student that made the statement knew that Chua was in the hospital and unable to defend herself. But Chua is out of the hospital and mad as a wet hen.

She adamantly denies ever giving anyone such advice. She said that she gives the same advice to all of her students and that they should never wear inappropriate clothing.

She tweeted out her outrage: “As some of you may know, there have been stories about me in the recent news cycle. All the claims are outrageous and 100% false. Here is a statement I released to the Yale Law School community:”

From The Daily Caller

“I advise students, male and female, to dress professionally — not too casually — and to avoid inappropriate clothing,” Chua said. “I always try my best to be frank and transparent, and to hold students to the highest professional standard.”

Chua, a vocal supporter of Kavanaugh, wrote an op-ed in July in The Wall Street Journal titled “Kavanaugh Is a Mentor To Women.”

The reports about Chua’s advice also alleged that her husband and fellow Yale law professor, Jed Rubenfeld, once told a student that Kavanaugh “hires women with a certain look.”

“I always tell students to prep insanely hard – that substance is the most important thing,” Chua’s statement reads. “My record as a clerkship mentor, especially for women and minorities, is among the things I’m most proud of in my life.”

I guess this is the same old Democratic party. Lie, lie, lie and then lie some more.